All Natural Hemp Products

As a leading edible brand in the licensed dispensary market, KANHA™ brand brings a science-oriented approach to the world of hemp. This includes extensive R&D in a nutraceutical grade laboratory environment and independent 3rd party testing. This allows us to deliver optimal dosage levels in our all-natural gummies, which are made with pesticide and solvent free organic hemp. Our various gummies also include a wide range of cannabinoids.


200MG Delta 9 THC | 20 Pieces


200MG Delta 9 THC | 20 Pieces


5MG Delta 9 THC | 10MG CBN
15MG CBD Per Gummy | 20 Pieces


Strawberry Lemon Lime
20MG Caffeine| 20 pieces.

High Potency Belts

Sour Cherry
4 Belts 100MG THC Each

Where Science and Technology Meet

Quality You Can Taste

A Commitment To Quality

What sets KANHA apart from other hemp companies is its unwavering commitment to quality. As a company under the scrutiny of the licensed dispensary space, KANHA knows how to produce products that meet the highest standards of safety and performance. This expertise has allowed us to create a range of exceptional hemp products that are truly second to none. Whether you’re looking for a good night’s rest or want to chill out with friends, you can trust KANHA to deliver the best. 

No Artificial
Colors or Flavorings
Made with all natural ingredients
kanha's Zero pesticide Promise

A Gummy for Every Moment

The Original Fast-Acting Cannabis Gummy

We utilize nanomolecular technology to create cannabinoid particles smaller than a wavelength of light, which makes for a quicker onset and higher absorption rate.

KANHA NANOTECH vs. Standard Edibles

Your body starts absorbing the cannabinoid particles as soon as you begin chewing. It doesn’t have to wait to be processed through your liver like other edibles. This allows for the most rapid and complete cannabinoid absorption in the market.

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